Prof. Dr. Eng. Marcel Ionel Popa

Studies & Degrees
Graduate of the Technical University of Iasi with B.Sc. (hons, 1. Class) in Chemistry and Technology of Polymers1975, Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry 1986
Academic & Scientific Career


Engineer at Synthetic Fiber Plant Iasi


Assistant in Physical Chemistry Technical University of Iasi


Lecturer in Physical Chemistry Technical University of Iasi

1992 1998

Associate professor in Physical Chemistry Technical University of Iasi


Post doctoral research fellow at the Faculty of Pharmacy Paris south


Professor of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, Technical University Iasi


Publications in journals: 167

Book contributions: 14

Published abstracts: 286

Presentations at scientific meetings (oral/poster): 345

Supervision of doctoral candidates (PhD) : 16

Research contracts: 22 manager

                                       45 team member

Membership of Professional Organizations :

Romanian of Catalysis, since 1999;

Romanian of Chemical Engineering, since 2001;

Rumanian Society of Chemistry from Romania, since 2002

Romanian Society of Biomaterials, since 2003

Member in the Editorial Advisory Board of the following journals:
Bulletin Polytechnic Institute Iasi (since 2003), Scientific Study and Research (since 2005), Engineering and Environmental Management Journal (since 2006)


Thermodynamics and Kinetical Chemistry,

Thermodynamics and Kinetical Chemistry and Biochemistry,

Electrochemistry and Corrosion

Physical-Chemistry of Polydisperse Systems

International Collaborations and Mobilities: University Pisa (Italy), University Paris south (France), University Orleans (France), University Gent (Belgium), Ecole Superieure de Chimie Montpellier (France), University Aberdeen (Scotland), University Las Palmas (Spain) University Linkoping (Sweden), University Clermont-Ferrand (France), University Bordeaux (France), University Lyon (France), Rutgers School of Engineering New Jersey (SUA)

Research Interests

*   Physical-chemical characterization of natural and synthetic polymers used in medicine;

*   Thermodynamic prediction of active ingredient loading in polymeric micro and nanoparticles;

*   Nanostructurated materials for drug targeting and controlled release;

*   Kinetic studies in vitro and in vivo of drug release.

Selected Publications in peer-reviewed journals (2007-2014)
1. Antibacterial Quaternized Gellan Gum Based Particles for Controlled Release of Ciprofloxacin with Potential Dermal Applications

O. Novac, G. Lisa, L. Profire, C. Tuchilus, M. I. Popa

Materials Science & Engineering C (2014), 35, 291–299

2. Poly(Acrylic Acid)–Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Nanoparticles Designed for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

Ana-Maria Vasi,, M. I. Popa, E. C. Tanase,, Maria Butnaru,, Liliana Verestiuc

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014), 103, 676–686

3. Chemical functionalization of hyaluronic acid for drug delivery applications

Ana-Maria Vasi, M. I. Popa, Maria Butnaru, Gianina Dodi, Liliana Verestiuc

Materials Science & Engineering C (2014), 38, 177–185

4. Entrapment of flaxseed extract into xanthan-chitosan complex

D. Draganesc, Mihaela Silion, Ioana Ignat, Cecilia Sarghie, M. I. Popa

Cellulose Chem. Technol., (2013) 47 (3-4), 231-238

5. Evaluation of the Controlled Release Ability of Theophylline from Xanthan/Chondroitin Sulfate Hydrogels

Ana-Maria Oprea, Manuela-Tatiana Nistor, Lenuta Profire, M. I. Popa, Catalina Elena Lupusoru, Cornelia Vasile

J. Biomaterials Nanobiotechnology, (2013), 4(2), 123-131

6. Colorimetric and microscopic study of the thermal behavior of new ceramic pigments

Ana Mihaela Saviuc-Paval, A. V. Sandu, M. I. Popa, Irina Crina Anca, S. Andrei, P. Bertea, I. Sandu

Microscopy Research and Technology, (2013,)76(6), 564-571

7. Synthesis and characterization of N-(2-aminoethyl)-2-acetamidyl gellan gum with potential biomedical applications

O. Novac, G. Lisa, E. Barbu, F. Alhaique, M. I. Popa

Carbohydrate Polymers (2013), 98(1), 174–177

8. Mechanical Properties and Weathering Behavior of Polypropylene-Hemp Shives Composites

M. I. Popa, Silvia Pernevan, Cecilia Sirghie, Iuliana Spiridon, Dorina Chambre, Dana Maria Copolovici, Niculina Popa

Journal of Chemistry, Volume (2013),

9. In vitro evaluation of biomimetic chitosan-calcium phosphate scaffolds with potential application in bone tissue engineering

Tanase CE ,   Sartoris A , M. I. Popa,   Verestiuc L ,   Unger RE ,   Kirkpatrick CJ .

Biomed Mater .   2013 Apr;8(2):025002. doi: 10.1088/1748-6041/8/2/025002. Epub 2013 Jan 23.

10. Obtaining and Characterization of Ceramic Pigments for Polychrome Artistic Elements I. Synthesis and SEM-EDX and µ -FTIR Analysis

Ana Mihaela Saviuc-Paval, I. Sandu, M. I. Popa, I.G. Sandu, Viorica Vasilache, A. V. Sandu

Rev. Chim. ( 2012) ? 63 (2), 40-48

11. Obtaining and Characterization of Ceramic Pigments for Polychrome Artistic Elements II. Microscopic and colorimetric analysis

Ana Mihaela Saviuc-Paval, I. Sandu, M. I. Popa, Irina Crina Anca Sandu, Viorica Vasilache , I.G. Sandu

Rev. Chim. (2012) 63(2 ????) 170-178

12. Preparation and characterization of new ceramic pigments for artistic polychromic elements. III Thermogravimetric Analysis

Ana Mihaela Saviuc-Paval, I. Sandu, M. I. Popa, I.G. Sandu, Viorica Vasilache, A. V. Sandu

Rev. Chim. (2012) 63(3 ) 275-284

13. Magnetic chitosan composite particles: evaluation of thorium and uranyl ion adsorption from aqueous solutions

Gianina Dodi, Doina Hritcu, Doina Humelnicu, M. I. Popa

Carbohydrate Polymer 87( 2 ) , 1185-1191  (2012)

14. Electrochemical and SEM characterization of NiTi alloy coated with chitosan by PLD technique

D. Mareci, N. Cimpoesu , M. I. Popa

Materials and Corrosion 2012, 63, No. 9999 DOI: 10.1002/maco.201206501

15. In vitro and in vivo theophylline release from cellulose/chondroitin sulfate hydrogels

Ana-Maria Oprea, Manuela-Tatiana Nistor, M. I. Popa, Catalina Elena Lupusoru, Cornelia Vasile

Carbohydrate Polymers, 2012, 90(1 ) , 127–133

16. Core–shell magnetic chitosan particles functionalized by grafting: Synthesis and characterization

Gianina Dodi, Doina Hritcu, Gabriela Lisa, M. I. Popa

Chemical Engineering Journal 203 (2012) 130–141

17. Magnetic chitosan composite particles: evaluation of thorium and uranyl ion adsorption from aqueous solutions

Gianina Dodi, Doina Hritcu, Doina Humelnicu, M. I. Popa

Carbohydrate Polymer 87( 2), 1185-1191 (2012)

18. New hybrid materials based on layred double hydroxides and antioxidant compounds. Preparation, characterization and release kinetic studies

Mihaela Silion, Doina Hritcu, Gabriela Lisa, M. I. Popa

J. Porous Mater . 19(3) 267-276(2012)

19. Influence of the comonomer on the dissociation of some alternating maleic acid copolymers
Irina Popescu, D.M Suflet, I.M. Pelin, M.I. Popa

J. Macromol. Sci. Phys.Part B: Physics ( 2012), 51 (3) , 590-604

20. Mechanical and tribological properties of poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate) hydrogels for articular cartilage substitute

L., Bostan , A.-M. Trunfio-Sfarghiu , L. Verestiuc, M.I.Popa, F. Munteanu 

Tribology International (2012), 46(1), 215-224

21. Functionalized magnetic composites based on poly(succiniimide)bpoly(ethylene glycol) copolymers with potential applications in blood detoxification

V. Balan, M.I. Popa, L. Verestiuc A.P. Chiriac, I. Neamtu, L.E. Nita, M.T. Nistor

Composites Part B. Engineering 43(3 ) 926–932 (2012)

22. Biommetic chitosan-calcium phosphate composites with applications as bone substitutes: preparation and characterisation

Edi Tanase, Liliana Verestiuc, M. I. Popa

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B - Applied Biomaterials 100B(3) , 700–708 , ( 2012 )

23. Biotinylated chitosan-based SPIONs forblood-contacting applications

Vera Bălan, Ivona Andreea Petrache, M.l. Popa, Maria Butnaru, EugenBarbu, John Tsibouklis, Liliana Vereştiuc,

Journal of Nanoparticle Research , 14( 2) 1-14 (2012)

24. Biomimetic bone scaffolds based on chitosan and calcium phosphates

C.E. Tanase, I.M. Popa, L. Verestiuc,

Materials Letters, 65 (2011) 1681–1683

25. Preparation and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol - chitosan biocompatible magnetic microparticles

Laura Elena Udrea, Doina Hritcu, M. I. Popa, O. Rotariu

J Magn Magn Mater. 323 (2011) 7-13

26. In vitro and in vivo behavior of ketoprofen intercalated into layered double hydroxides

Mihaela Silion, Doina Hritcu, Irina M. Jaba, B. Tamba, Dunarea Ionescu, O. C. Mungiu, M. I. Popa

J Mater Sci: Mater Med (2010) 21(11):3009–3018

27. Palladium nanoparticles heterogeneous nucleation within organically grafted silica foams and their use as catalyst supports toward the Suzuki–Miyaura and Mizoroki–Heck coupling reactions

S. Ungureanu, H.Deleuze, O.Babot, M.-F.Achard, C.Sanchez, M.I.Popa, R.Backov

Appl Catal A:Gen 390 (2010), 51-58

28. Preliminary studies on fatigue analysis of hydrogels based on poly(HEMA)

Luciana Bostan, Fl. Munteanu, M.I. Popa, Liliana Verstiuc

Rev. Chim. (2010), 61(12), 1235-1238

29. Preparation and characterization of ketoprofen-layered double hydroxide compounds

Mihaela Silion, Doina Hritcu, M. I. Popa

JOAM, 12(10), 2151-2156, 2010

30. Macro- and nano-tribological characterisation of a new HEMA hydrogel for articular cartilage replacement 

L. Bostan, A.-M. Sfarghiu Trunfio, L. Verestiuc, M. I. Popa, F. Munteanu, Y. Berthier

Comput Method Biomec, (2010), 13. 33 - 35

31. Syntheses and Characterization of New Organically Grafted Silica Foams

Simona Ungureanu, G. Laurent, H. Deleuze, O. Babot, Marie F. Achard, M.I. Popa, C. Sanchez, R. Backov

Colloids Surfaces A, (2010), 360 85–93

32. Inclusion and Release of Theophylline from Chitosan Based Microparticles

Niculina Popa, O. Novac, Lenuta Profire, Doina Hritcu, M. I. Popa

Tur J Chem 34, (2010) 255-262

33. Hydrogels based on chitosan–xanthan for controlled release of theophylline

Niculina Popa, O. Novac, Lenuta Profire, Catalina Elena Lupusoru, M. I. Popa

J Mater Sci: Mater Med (2010) 21:1241–1248

34. Nanostructured chitosan-surfactant matrices as polyphenols nanocapsules template with zero order release kinetics

Ana Gârlea, V. Melnig, M. I. Popa

J Mater Sci: Mater Med (2010) 21:1211–1223

35. Biocompatible magnetic microparticles: a colloidal stability study

Laura Elena Udrea, Doina Hritcu, V. Badescu, M.I. Popa

Romain J. Biophys. (2010), 20. (2), 149–155

36. Intercalation of salicylic acid into ZnAl layered double hydroxides by ionic-exchange method

Mihaela Silion,D. Hritcu, M. I. Popa

Optoelectronics and Advances Materials-Rapid Communications (2009): 3(8) 817-820

37. Chitosan-Hydroxyapatite Composite Obtained by Biomimetic Method as New Bone Substitute

C.E. Tanase, M.I Popa, Liliana Verestiuc

Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Quality of Life, (2009) AT-EQUAL '09, p. 42-46

38. Preparation and characterization of magnetic chitosan nanospheres

Doina Hritcu, M. I. Popa, Niculina Popa, V. Badescu, Vera Balan

Turk J Chem, (2009), 33, 785-796

39. Thermodynamic properties of (ethylbenzene + an alkane or + an alkyl ethanoate): experimental HmE and VmE values

J. Ortega, A. Navas, G. Bolat, M.I. Popa

Phys Chem Liq , (2009) 47, (3 ), p. 322 - 334

40. Preliminary study for degradation characteristics of hydroxiapatite coatings on titanium in ringer solution

D. Mareci, Gina Ungureanu, N. Aelenei, M.I. Popa, I. Cretescu

Studia Universitatis Babes-Boylai, CHEMIA, (2009),LIV(1), 81-92

41. Poyionic complexes based on alginate and chitosan for the controlled release of ciprofloxin

O. Novac, M.I.Popa, N. Aelenei, V. Melnig

Rev Roum Chim, (2009), 54(7), 539-544

42. Films a base de chitosan et collagene : influence de la masse moleculaire du chitosan sur la compatibilite de biopolymere

Oana Sorina Nastasescu, M. I. Popa, Gabriela Lisa, Liliana Verestiuc

Rev Roum Chim, (2009), 54(7), 549-555

43. Chitosan-paracetamol nanostructure self-assembling matrices as drug delivery systems

Ana Garlea, Alina Manole, M.I.Popa, V. Melnig

Mater Plast (2009), 46(4), 356-362

44. Intercalation of salicylic acid into ZnAl layered double hydroxides by ion-exchange and coprecipitation method

Mihaela Silion, D. Hritcu, M. I. Popa

JOAM, (2009) 11(4), 528-534

45 Preparation and characterization of sodium alginate-chitosan microparticles for controlled release of ibuprofen in sustainable way

Luminiţa Elena Balău, N. Aelenei, M. I. Popa

Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, (2009), 8(3), 559-567

46. Tannic acid incorporation in chitosan-based microparticles and in vitro controlled release

N. Aelenei, M. I. Popa, O. Novac, Gabriela Lisa, Lacramioara Balaita

J. Mater Sci: Mater Med (2009) 20, 1095–1102,

47.  Thermogravimetric characterization of chitosan/alginate microparticles loaded with different drugs

M. I. Popa, G. Lisa, N. Aelenei

Polym Bull, (2008), 61(4), 481-490,

48. Obtinerea şi caracterizarea de noi materiale hibride de tip hidroxizi dubli lamelari intercalaţi cu 4,6-dinitro-o-crezol

M. Frunză, Gabriela Lisă, M.I. Popa

Rev Chim, (2008), 59(2) 159-164

49. Intercalation of ketoprofen into Mg-Al hydrotalcites. Synthesis and characterization

M. Frunză, Gabriela Lisă, R. Zonda, M.I. Popa

Rev Chim, (2008), 59(4) 409-412

50. Supramolecular Systems from Natural Polymers and Maleic Polyelectrolytes

Irina Popescu, M. I. Popa, Gabrielle Charlotte Chitanu

Macromolecular Symposia, (2008) 272 (1), 125–131,

51. First Pd@Organo−Si(HIPE) Open-Cell Hybrid Monoliths Generation Offering Cycling Heck Catalysis Reactions

Simona Ungureanu, H. Deleuze, C. Sanchez, M. I. Popa, R. Backov

Chem Mater, (2008), 20, 6464-6500,

52. Entrapment of tannic acid in chitosan based nanostructure matrices

A. Garlea, V. Melnig, M. I. Popa, G. Rusu

Mater Plast, (2008), 45(2), 193-197

53. New hybrid compounds containing intercalated ciprofloxacin into layered double hydroxides: synthesis and characterization

M. Silion, M. I. Popa, G. Lisa, D. Hritcu

Rev Roum Chim, 2008, 53(9), 827-831

54. Experimental results of HmE and VmE for binary mixtures (propylbenzene + an alkane or + an alkyl ethanoate)

J. Ortega, G. Bolat, E. Marrero, M. I. Popa

Phys Chem Liq , (2008), 46 (4), 408-416

55. Thermogravimetric analysis of layered double hydroxides with chloramphenicol and salicylate in the interlayer space

G. Lisa, M. I. Popa, N.D. Miron, D. I. Nistor

J. Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, (2008), 93(2), 373-379

56. Scaffolds based on collagen and chitosan for post-burn tissue engineering

S. Nastasescu, M.I. Popa, L. Verestiuc, M. Butnaru, D. Baran

Rev Med So. Med, (2008), 2, 547-553

57.   Controlled release of salycilate from the lamella ZnAl layered double hydroxide nanocomposite

Mihaela Silion, M. I. Popa, V. Hulea

JOAM, (2007), 8(11), 3376-3378

58. One-Pot Synthesis of the First Series of Emulsion Based Hierarchical Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Open-Cell Monoliths Possessing Tunable Functionality (Organo-Si(HIPE)

Simona Ungureanu, M. Birot, G. Laurent, H. Deleuze, O. Babot, B. Julian-López, Marie-France Achard, M. I. Popa, C. Sanchez, R. Backov

Chem Mater, (2007), 19 (23), 5786 -5796

59. Layered double hydroxides as potential solid for obtaining more environmentally friendly pesticides,

Mihaela Frunza, M.I. Popa, Gabriela Lisa,

Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 6, (2007), 319-324


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